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Introduction Scott discussed an overview of the software options for APC UPS's like APC Tracker that allows shutdown of devices in a network, remote configuration, monitoring and administration; APC Powerchute is a option for those devices that don't have an additional ethernet interface. Section Links What Is It?

Upgrading Firmware on APC Smart-UPS SMT & SMX UPS via Network Card - Schneider Electric Support

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply, which is basically a battery in a box that provides power for connected devices during a power outage. When the power fails, the UPS can then tell its clients to shut down gracefully, allowing your machines to write caches to disk and ensuring that no data is lost. APC recommends that you only use one of these methods for any single machine - their software may conflict with the other UPS interfacing software shown below.

Note that a new version 1.

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You can edit the settings via a System Prefs pane, shown below:. Now the automatic start-up should work. I have restarted my MacMini's verified that the startup scripts are running. All is left is to simulate a power failure. PbAc battery. APC ups. OL Enjoy! Message 1 of Tips from other users. Nice work. I'll update my post to refer to this one as well.

PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2 for Mac OS X

It's Coming Are You Ready? Upgrading from RAIDiator v. Message 2 of Otherwise, thanks for the great guide. Message 3 of I've got everything working except the Startup Item. I've tried the approach on this thread and the one for The plist files in these don't work for me, I get Console messages about Malformatted parameters file: Using the Message 4 of Here's mine Snow Leopard: Message 5 of And perhaps slightly more usefully! Message 6 of Working now using your UPS and the plist from http: I'm running Happy Console messages below, thanks for the help. UPS Message 7 of Thanks for this, it's working well for me.

If it's helpful anyone who's already using macports rather than fink, I found that the macports version of nut works just fine out of the box on Lion, so all I needed to do to get the basic install working was "sudo port install nut". Message 8 of I haven't actually cut the power and done a real test yet, but upsmon is running fine and I'm able to confirm connectivity with upsc. Here are some updated instructions if you're using MacPorts to install: For any MacPorts install, make sure you're using a supported version of Xcode and that you have additionally installed the command-line tools Upsmon.

Start from the sample file in there or use DBott's upsmon. The script should kick off upsmon on boot.

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  6. All done! Thank you for subscribing to updates from APC by Schneider Electric.?

Message 9 of My advice is to go with MacPorts should any newbe attepted to do this. It's clear and simple, pretty straightforward. My upsmon.

PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2

I assume I have everything more or less ok lets see what ig says regarding my previous comment , so on with my questions: What happens if the user is not on Terminal? I've also noticed that when my Mac is asleep, it won't hear the messages sent from the NAS.

What about the rest of the people here? I would appreciate your responses and help. Congratulations on the clear explanation Infinite and the rest.

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Thanks in advance, Thanks. Message 10 of I corrected the path above.

apcupsd | A daemon for controlling APC UPSes

The bin directory would then be for all your binaries, and the etc directory would be for your config files. I wouldn't be surprised if the Mac doesn't see any UPS notifications while it's asleep, but you would think it would wake up once the power load shifts to the battery. It might be necessary to do some fine-tuning of upsmon. I'd be interested in seeing what works for you on that score - I haven't had the opportunity to play with this much. Also, try modifying the upsmon. By default it does write to all connected users in Terminal but it looks like it writes to syslog too.

You may be able to find these messages in Console. Perhaps you can tie these into Growl or some other similar program? I don't typically use Growl but I know some people get a lot of use out of it. Message 11 of I think it actually notices that event. You seem to be pretty busy.