Repair disk permissions grayed out mac os x

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I have an external hard drive set up for backing up with Time Machine on my Mac. It has been working well for about a year. Now when time machine tries to back up it tells me the external disk is read only. The hard drive does mount to the computer and will let me open the Time Machine folder. When I am in disk utility it also sees the external hard drive but will not let me click on repair disk permissions. The only thing that I can add is that we had a power outage in the middle of the night recently and maybe that had something to do with this? Any thoughts on how to get this drive back to read and write?

Verify and repair Disk permissions Grayed out

The drive has not been ever used on a windows machine or use on any other computer. About one week ago, it suddenly went "read only. Even documents that I have opened and closed a hundred times, now suddenly I can't close with any changes. It's a permissions problem and giving everyone permission on that drive will solve your problem.

I am awaiting the directions on just how to get there, I will pass it on. Trying to repaire my brand new external hard drive's permission. Commands like 'repair disk permission", "verify disk", and "repair disk" are grayed-out. Read Mike's reply at the top of this thread Also, given that it's brand new, easiest it to reformat the drive. Kim, I have the exact same issue. If memory serves, the issue started about the same time frame you mentioned I can't be certain of this, but is seems about right.

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I wonder if there has been some kind of update? Have you found any solutions?

Verify/repair permissions grayed out in d… - Apple Community

While the like below is helpful, unlike the author I DO have a bunch of data that I don't want to loose if possible. My new external Mac drive is read-only. How can I fix it? This doesn't help if you still have data on the drive that you can't access or copy off the drive. I've checked the permissions and it only says "Read Only", even tho I've used this drive on another iMac.

Mac OS X Tutorial: How To Repair Disk Permissions

Thanks, but I haven't learned Terminal. And unfortunately, I have a strict "Do not mess with Terminal with advice on the Internet" policy. Furthermore, I am pretty sure that I'm logged in as a user with admin rights: Any ideas what the problem could be? A few ideas to start with: If you haven't already, restart the computer.

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Unmount and remount the volume in Disk Utility. Check the system log just after starting up the computer to see if any errors occur mounting the volume. This is not the startup disk, right? Is it a partition on the same physical disk? The restart fixed it.

How & Why to Repair Disk Permissions in OS X with Disk Utility

Great to hear. A volume is usually greyed-out in Snow Leopard if it's being ejected.

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